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Permanent Lip Makeup; Luxurious Lips; PMU; Blush micropigmentation


Welcome to the realm of Lip Permanent Makeup, where the artistry of precision meets the desire for fuller, more defined lips. In this journey of cosmetic innovation, we explore the transformative magic that Lip PMU (Permanent Makeup) brings to the forefront of beauty. From subtle enhancements to bold statements, get ready to discover the secret behind achieving that perfect pout that leaves a lasting impression. Let’s delve into the enchanting world of luscious lips and the artful mastery of Lip PMU.


You're making me blush

Lip blush is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure with semi-permanent results. The procedure adds pigment to your lips, allowing you to skip lipstick or gloss for a more natural look. Lip blush not only adds color to your lips but also makes them appear fuller and more prominent. It can also even out asymmetry. The result is softly defined, fuller lips with a beautiful wash of color - like a really great tinted lip balm. There are countless colors to choose from, and Pricila can create a custom color blend that maximizes your natural look.


Snow Lips is a recently developed and patented technique geared toward improving lips with uneven coloring and dark pigmented stains. Contributing factors may be hereditary, smoking, or high iron levels in the body. It can also be caused by overuse of certain lipsticks. Snow Lips restores a fresh, youthful color and texture to the lips.

This procedure can only be done by a certified technician using a special solution and high-tech needles along with a strong 300 Gauss Magnet. The treatment gently stimulates the renewal of the first layer of the lips while removing heavy metal toxins that cause discoloration.

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